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Today's quiz is a kind of potpourri of knowledge. I am going to wander all about the Bible with no real rhyme or reason other than to stimulate your curiosity. Enjoy the quiz and journey through God's Word...

___1. How wide was Noah's Ark?
(a) 35 cubits, (b) 50 cubits, (c) 75 cubits, (d) 90 cubits.

___2. How wide was the Ark of the Covenant?
(a) 1.5 cubits, (b) 2 cubits, (c) 3 cubits, (d) 1 cubit.

___3. What's a cubit?
(a) 12 inches, (b) 15 inches, (c) 18 inches, (d) 36 iches.

___4. Who was Omri, king of Israel's son?
(a) Zimri, (b) Ahab, (c) Joram, (d) Ginath.

___5. Who killed Sisera?
(a) Deborah, (b) Samson, (c) Gideon, (d) Jael.

___6. Who was Aaron's son?
(a) Nadab, (b) Abihu, (c) Eleazar, (d) Ithamar, (e) all of them.

___7. Which judge of Israel was from Bethlehem?
(a) Ibzan, (b) Ehud, (c) Deborah, (d) Samson.

___8. Who was the apostle Paul' famous teacher?
(a) Socrates, (b) Plato, (c) Gamaliel, (d) Silas.

___9. Where did Rahab live?
(a) Bethlehem, (b) Jericho, (c) Bethany, (d) Jerusalem.

___10. Where did Dorcas (Tabitha) live?
(a) Nazareth, (b) Philippi, (c) Thessalonica, (d) Joppa.

___11. Where is the "street called straight?"
(a) Rome, (b) Jerusalem, (c) Damascus, (d) Babylon.

___12. Who was the son of Kish?
(a) Paul, (b) Timothy, (c) King Hezekiah, (d) King Saul.

___13. Who was Elisha's servant?
(a) Elijah, (b) Gehazi, (c) Hazael, (d) Shaphat.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful worship day... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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