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The Apostle Paul

The apostle Paul wrote more book in our New Testaments (13) than any other writer. His letters to various churches and specific Christians are an integral part of our Bibles. With that in mind, here are some questions this morning about Paul...Enjoy cruising through your Bibles...

___1. Paul was of this tribe;
(a) Dan, (b) Benjamin, (c) Judah, (d) Issachar.

___2. Paul was a citizen of;
(a) Tarsus, (b) Greece, (c) Rome, (d) Carthage.

___3. His teacher was;
(a) Plato, (b) Hillel, (c) Epicurius, (d) Gamaliel.

___4. Paul was born in this city;
(a) Tarsus, (b) Philippi, (c) Crete, (d) Rome.

___5. Paul was probably present when he was killed;
(a) Jesus, (b) Peter, (c) Stephen, (d) Barrabas.

___6. Paul's Jewish name was;
(a) Simon, (b) Saul, (c) Silas, (d) Sylvanus.

___7. His father was influenced by;
(a) Plato, (b) Pharisees, (c) Jesus, (d) Stoics.

___8. At noon, on the road to Damascus, Paul met;
(a) Peter, (b) Jesus, (c) Silas, (d) John Mark.

___9. Paul's thorn in the flesh was;
(a) a limp, (b) bad vision, (c) speech impediment, (d) it doesn't say.

___10. Primarily, Paul was sent to preach to these people;
(a) Jews, (b) Greeks, (c) Gentiles, (d) Iranians.

___11. Paul escaped from Damascus using a;
(a) horse, (b) basket, (c) chariot, (d) ladder.

___12. As a result of meeting Jesus, Paul was;
(a) sick, (b) promoted, (c) blinded, (d) traumatized.

___13. Paul's nephew lived in;
(a) Crete, (b) Jerusalem, (c) Tarsus, (d) Jericho.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting day of worship.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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