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And The Wise Man's House Stood Firm

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock" (Matt. 7:24).

When I was a small child, the children's song based on this teaching of Jesus was one of my favorites. You can probably remember the words and gestures that went along with it. Little kids today still find song to be cool and sing it with all the motions. The story of the wise and foolish builders here in the book of Matthew is Jesus' last teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. He saved a gem for the end. Jesus made the comparison of the first builder to a wise man. He was wise in the first place in that he heard and acted upon what he had heard. Those who put into practice what they have learned show the wisdom derived from knowledge. His second wise choice is shown by selecting a sound foundation for the house he was building. A project of this magnitude requires careful planning, and this builder did the groundwork..(sorry...I couldn't help that)...He selected the right place and the proper security for his house and when the forces of nature came, his house stood firm! After all, it was built upon the rock!

Jesus' contrasts this with a person who heard but did not act....The foolish man. His lack of wisdom is seen in his selection of the sand as a foundation...No understanding! No foresight! When the forces of nature came the result was calamitous. We know that this teaching is not about houses. As spiritual builders, we start as hearers and learners. We are trying to absorb the great wisdom that our Father in heaven has made available to us. If we just we only hear and learn, we have not done enough. It is so necessary for us to put the words into action. We must build our spiritual house on the firm foundation of what we have heard and learned. Our spiritual homes are built to honor our Lord. Building on the sand shows no respect for God. But to build on the solid rock of His Word does two things. It honors God and also assures us that in the midst of trials of life, we can have the security and confidence to not only survive, but to flourish. Maybe we ought to sing the song every once in a while to remind us....

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