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A Whodunit

Classic mysteries, whether in book or movie form, are often called whodunits. Throughout the book or show clues are given and we try to solve the case. A good whodunit will have many twists and turns that make it's solving difficult. Today's quiz is a compilation of 11 whodunits. No answer is used more than once and all the answers are used. You are to match the deed with of course.... the whodunit...Enjoy...

___ 1. Stilled a storm                                                           a. Barnabas

___ 2. Walked on the water                                                 b. Jesus

___ 3. Received a beautiful coat                                           c. David

___ 4. Killed a giant                                                             d. Adam

___ 5. Found a baby                                                            e. Jehoiakim

___ 6. Named all the animals                                                f. Joseph

___ 7. Built a big boat                                                          g. Pharaoh's daughter

___ 8. Prepared a meal for Jesus                                          h. Noah

___ 9. Introduced Paul to the Jerusalem Church                    i. Peter

___10. Was in Business with her husband                             j. Priscilla

___11. Burned Jeremiah's scroll                                           k. Martha

Have a wonderful weekend and fulfilling, edifying and glorifying day of worship. Love mark Phil. 4:11

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