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Newton Who?

"For the Lord is a God of knowledge, and with him actions are weighed" (1 Sam 2:3).

Newton's three laws of motion deal with the movement or actions of objects. In today's quiz we get to match each action with the proper function...Enjoy all the action.....

___ 1. "It is a restless evil"                                                               (a) the ant

___ 2. "It consumes the chaff" (stubble)"                                          (b) the ravens

___ 3. "It is a fountain (wellspring) of life"                                        (c) the lilies

___ 4. "Is the Lord's"                                                                      (d) the earth

___ 5. "Declares the glory of the Lord"                                            (e) the wicked

___ 6. "Declares the work of His hands"                                          (f) understanding

___ 7. "Boasts of his heart's desire"                                                 (g) the tongue

___ 8. "Prepares her food in the summer"                                        (h) the heavens

___ 9. "Is my light and my salvation"                                                (i) the firmament

___10. "Neither sow nor reap"                                                        (j) the Lord

___11. "Is the light (lamp) of the body"                                            (k) the fire

___12. "Do not toil or spin"                                                             (l) the eye

Have a great weekend and an edifying and glorifying day of worship... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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