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Getting Organized

I have been accused, and sometimes rightly so, of being rather unorganized. There are times when it can be a blessing and time that it can be a curse. For the most part, people who get things done are good organizers. In our Bibles there are examples of people who organized...Your job is to match the person with what he organized..Be sure to keep all your ducks in a row...

___ 1. Jethro                                                (a) suggested Moses organize judges to help him

___ 2. The Twelve                                        (b) organized his family when he went to meet his brother

___ 3. Jesus                                                 (c) organized a census of the children of Israel

___ 4. Jacob                                                (d) organized 70 followers in pairs

___ 5. Joshua                                               (e) organized deacons to help them

___ 6. David                                                (f) organized for the defeat of Jericho

___ 7. Moses                                               (g) organized soldiers for battle by using water

___ 8. Gideon                                              (h) organized a mission trip

___ 9. Nehemiah                                          (i) organized the Israelites for a trip into the wilderness

___10. Paul                                                  (j) organized the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall

Have a great weekend and an uplifting day of worship... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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