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I have an admission to make...I am an Antiques Roadshow junkie. I will watch it from beginning to end. I just enjoy all of the unique things that are shown..I particularly like finding out how much they are worth. In today's quiz, you are asked to match the unique thing with the person that owned it.(them)...I won't tell you at the end how much they are worth, but they are unique...

___ 1. Long-lasting shoes                                                    (a) Joseph

___ 2. Sightless eyes                                                            (b) Jacob

___ 3. Seven hundred wives                                                 (c) Hosea

___ 4. Five husbands, but not one                                        (d) Samson

___ 5. A harlot wife                                                             (e) Foolish virgins

___ 6. A withered hand                                                        (f) Samaritan woman

___ 7. A hole in the ear                                                        (g) Paul

___ 8. A crippled limb                                                          (h) Jesus

___ 9. A thorn in the flesh                                                     (i) A lifetime slave

___10. Empty lamps                                                             (j) Solomon

___11. A colorful coat                                                          (k) Jeroboam

___12. A seamless robe                                                        (l) Hebrews

Have a great weekend..I hope your worship to the Lord on His day is glorifying, edifying and fulfilling... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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