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Our sense of sight is often viewed (pardon pun) as one of our most precious. Blindness is often mentioned in the Bible. Today's quiz is about blindness. Choose the proper person or people connected with blindness.

___ 1. Likened some people to the blind leading the blind;
(a) Jesus, (b) James, (c) John.

___ 2. Were called blind guides by Jesus;
(a) Sadduces, (b) Pharisees, (c) Herodians.

___ 3. Was blinded by enemies that put out his eyes;
(a) Jonah, (b) Adoniram, (c) Samson.

___ 4. Was blinded by a great light on his way to persecute Christians;
(a) Peter, (b) James, (c) Saul.

___ 5. Was blind and begged for a living;
(a) Barsabas, (b) Bartimaeus, (c) Bartholomew.

___ 6. Prayed for people to be made blind;
(a) David, (b) Elijah, (c) Elisha.

___ 7. Smote men at Lot's door with blindness;
(a) Two angels, (b) Michael, (c) Gabriel.

___ 8. Was made blind because he tried turn Serguis Paulus from faith;
(a) Saul, (b) Elymas, (c) Naboth.

___ 9. Said that he was "eyes to the blind;"
(a) David, (b) Eliphaz, (c)) Job.

___10. Said that the man who led the blind in the wrong way would be cursed;
(a) Moses, (b) Aaron, (c) Eli

___11. Was followed by two blind men;
(a) Mark, (b) Jesus, (c) Peter.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful time of worship on His day... love mark Phil. 4:11

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