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Famous Queens

Are you old enough to remember a TV show called "Queen For a Day?" It was one of those tear jerker shows that ran in the daytime from 1956-64. If my memory serves me right, Jack Bailey was the host, and he always had a handkerchief at hand. This is a terrible segue into today's quiz about famous queens in the Bible. Match the queen with a correct statement about her life...

___ 1. Esther                                                       (a) risked her life for her people

___ 2. Jezebel                                                      (b) Replaced by Esther

___ 3. Maachah                                                   (c) Inquired about Solomon's fame

___ 4. Vashti                                                       (d) Removed from power because of idols

___ 5. Michal                                                      (e) Queen of the Ethiopians

___ 6. Ahinoam                                                   (f) Queen who made Elijah flee

___ 7. Candace                                                   (g) Saul's daughter, married to David

___ 8. Queen of Sheba                                        (h) King David saw her wash on a roof

___ 9. Abigal                                                       (i) Queen by marriage to Saul

___10. Bathsheba                                                (j) Queen of Egypt

___11. Tahpenes                                                 (k) Attended the anointing of David as king of Judah with Ahinoam

Have a wonderful weekend and an edifying, uplifting and glorifying day of worship on HIS day....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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