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The Desire To Be Blessed

Matthew 5: 1-12...."The Beatitudes.......Blessed are"

During the first week of rehab, I was in a large room with a varied group of people. I was in the "replacement" nook, but rubbed elbows with people who were rehabilitating from issues far more serious than mine. It was at that time that despite the discomfort and inabilities that I now had, that I felt blessed. There are many levels on which we can feel blessed in life, especially if we are close to the Lord. Jesus opened his famous Sermon on the Mount with an introduction that we like to call the Beatitudes of the Kingdom. It is the best introduction to a speech that I have ever read. They describe both the character and blessedness of the citizens of the kingdom. There are nine of them and they are not multiple choice. Those nine characteristics are intertwined with each other and are the qualities one must possess to be a citizen in the kingdom. Picking and choosing favorites and leaving others behind is not allowed. For example..We cannot choose to be poor in spirit without hungering and thirsting for righteousness. It is not all right to mourn and not be pure in heart. It is not acceptable to be meek and not be a peacemaker.

I will be writing about the Beatitudes for the next few days. One cannot read them enough times. One cannot read their simplicity and purity and not understand that they are the introduction to the greatest sermon ever preached. They are surely worthy of our reading and meditation. They are surely worthy of our application into the understanding of the kingdom of heaven and our citizenship in it. We simply cannot neglect them....

Have a wonderful day...A RAK would certainly be in order.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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