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It is good to get into positive prayer habits. Prayers said before we go to sleep and when we get up are always good times. It was a 45 minute commute to work for me each morning, thus the Garden State Parkway became a normal place of prayer for me. Do you have some unusual times or places in which you pray. In today's quiz, I will ask you to match each person with the place where he or she prayed..Enjoy....

___ 1. Jonah                                                                           (a) In bed

___ 2. Habakkuk                                                                    (b) In jail

___ 3. David                                                                           (c) At a river

___ 4. Daniel                                                                          (d) At a window

___ 5. Hypocrites                                                                   (e) In the temple

___ 6. Hezekiah                                                                      (f) On street corners

___ 7. Jesus                                                                            (g) In a tower

___ 8. Peter and John                                                              (h) On a mountain

___ 9. Paul and Silas                                                                (i) On sick bed

___10. A group of women                                                        (j) At a grave

___11. Jesus, Peter, James, and John                                        (k) In a fish

I hope that you have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying worship experience on HIS day.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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