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An Unbelievable Message

"Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed" (Isa. 53: 1)?

"UNBELIEVABLE! How many times have you heard this term in describing an event that has just transpired? Example; An explosion has happened at a refinery and the authorities begin to interview eye-witnesses. "What did you see" the interviewer asks..."It was just unbelievable" is the witnesses' first response. Even though the person had just seen the explosion and certainly believed what he saw, the term unbelievable came into play. We have come to use the word when something out of the ordinary happens and no one really gives it a second thought. Today's verse comes from the pen of Isaiah the prophet, and was written about 700 hundred years before the birth of Christ. Chapter 53 of Isaiah is the most spectacular Messianic prophecy ever written. It describes Jesus (the arm of God) in very great detail and was quoted many times in our New Testaments. Notice the beginning..."Who has believed our message?" Is Isaiah saying, "unbelievable" here?

It must have been hard to believe in Jesus. Unalike the example I gave you earlier, Jesus is totally without precedent. When a lawyer tries to prove the validity of a case, he often quotes the rulings in other cases. (precedent). There is quite simply no precedent with Jesus. A virgin does not give birth...Water does not turn into wine...The dead are not brought back to life and humans do not walk on water in it's liquid form...God does not take on human form...Jesus' contemporaries were asked to believe that the most unique event to ever take place in the history of man was unfolding right before their very eyes. The question asked by the prophet Isaiah takes on a life of its own..."Who has believed our message?" Can we possibly use that word again? UNBELIEVABLE! We sometimes chide the contemporaries of Jesus in their unbelief, as they actually had Him in their midst doing miracles, and still didn't accept. They had the words of the prophet Isaiah come to life before them...Unbelievable... More tomorrow...

Have a great day...Make a difference... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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