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I don't want you to forget about the total lunar eclipse occurring on December 21. They are always special events. I'll tell you some more on Monday..Being a teacher for so many years, I couldn't resist this topic for today's quiz. Match the teacher to their student...

___ 1. Athaliah                                                  (a) Samuel

___ 2. Moses                                                    (b) Solomon

___ 3. Jethro                                                     (c) Zaccheus

___ 4. David                                                     (d) Paul (Saul)

___ 5. Balaam                                                   (e) Moses

___ 6. Philip                                                      (f) Joshua

___ 7. Jehoiada                                                 (g) Jehoash

___ 8. Eli                                                          (h) Elisha

___ 9. Jesus                                                      (i) The Ethiopian

___ 10. Elijah                                                    (j) Balac

___ 11. Gamaliel                                               (k) Ahaziah

Have a wonderful weekend...I hope worship to the Lord on His day is both glorifying and uplifting... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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