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"Associates" of Paul

Although our circle of real friends may not be very large, throughout our lives we have associated with a great many people...Some of these associations may have been pleasant, while some not so. You will not have to leave the Book of Acts to find these associates of the apostle Paul..For those close by, its something to do on a snowy morning...

___ 1. An orator who accused Paul before Felix                                                                                 (A) Agrippa

___ 2. Paul healed him of a fever                                                                                                        (B) Jason

___ 3. Told Paul of a plot to kill him                                                                                                   (C) Festus

___ 4. Guarded Paul on a trip to Jerusalem for trial                                                                             (D) Demetrius

___ 5. Arrested for harboring Paul                                                                                                     (E) Publius's father

___ 6. Sent with Paul to settle a dispute in Jerusalem                                                                          (F) jailor

___ 7. Sent Paul to Caesar                                                                                                                (G) a nephew

___ 8. Left Paul in prison to gain favor with the Jews                                                                          (H) Tertullus

___ 9. Led the silversmiths in protest against Pau                                                                                 (I) Barnabas

___ 10. Said; "In a short time you will persuade me to be a Christian"                                                  (J) Julius

___ 11. Asked Paul; "What must I do to be saved?"                                                                           (K) Felix

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