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Don't Sink...1 Gram/cm3

"But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and. beginning to sink, cried out, 'Lord, save me' " (Matt. 14:30)

On the foggy morning of July 25, 1956, the 700 foot Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria collided in the fog with the MS Stockholm. 46 of the 1,600 people aboard perished, and after listing severely to the starboard, she sunk the next morning. It was on the news shows and I watched the sinking on TV. Ships like this are engineered and designed to exact specifications to maneuver through the water, and of course, float. As a person who works on the water, sinking boats give me the chills. As a former science teacher, I couldn't resist today's title. 1 gram/cm3 is the density of water and things of a lesser density ought to float. You have probably read the story of Peter in today's verse. Now understand, as Peter walked on the water, something miraculous was going on. In that Peter spent his life around the water, the sinking part should not have happened. Those of us who enjoy the water know how to swim and float. Although the analogy is a good one, today's devotional really has nothing to do with water, but it does involve sinking.

If it is true that most traffic accidents happen within a mile or two of one's home, it is also true that most sinkings occur in familiar waters. Peter began to sink in very familiar waters because he looked the wrong way. He had just defied the laws of physics and now he was sinking because he couldn't keep his eyes on Jesus. Peter sank again in Matthew 26 on the night that Jesus was betrayed. In this case, he left familiar turf and preceded to deny and swear that he even knew Jesus. We are not designed to walk on water, but we are designed to float. We only sink when we take our eyes off the Lord. Now the good part...Sinking doesn't have to be a permanent thing. The Andria Doria went to the bottom and is still there, but we don't have to. Peter was wise enough to cry out, "Lord save me!" He didn't call to the disciples, but rather recognized Jesus' power to save! We must have that same recognition. Whether in familiar or uncharted waters....JESUS SAVES! Jesus will provide the way, even if it is through the help of others..Our faith in Him will save us...

Have a great day.... Make a difference.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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