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Rebellious Ones

"But the children rebelled against Me; they did not walk in My statutes, nor were they careful to observe My ordinances, by which, if a man observes them , he will live" (Exek. 20:21).

Rebels are looked upon in different ways. If the cause is just, they are looked to as heroes, but often their rebellion is not for the right reasons. Each of the following people rebelled against someone. Match the rebel and the other person...

___ 1. Sarai (Sarah)                                                  (A) Moses

___ 2. Joseph                                                            (B) Nebuchadnezzar

___ 3. Lot                                                                 (C) Jacob

___ 4. Pharaoh                                                          (D) Potiphar's wife

___ 5. Esau                                                               (E) God

___ 6. King Saul                                                       (F) Abel

___ 7. Hezekiah                                                       (G) Hagar

___ 8. Jehoiakim                                                      (H) David

___ 9. Absalom                                                        (I) Abram (Abraham)

___ 10. Korah                                                          (J) king of Assyria

___ 11. Cain                                                            (K) his father, David

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