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Truth and Parable

Let me begin with an old Yiddish parable; "Once upon a time, TRUTH went about the streets as naked as the day he was born. As a result, no-one would let him into their homes. Whenever people caught sight of him, they turned away and fled. One day when TRUTH was sadly wandering about, he came upon PARABLE. Now PARABLE was dressed in splendid clothes of beautiful colors. And PARABLE, seeing TRUTH, said, 'Tell me neighbor, what makes you look so sad?' TRUTH replied bitterly, 'Ah, brother, things are so bad. Very bad. I am old, very old, and no one wants to acknowledge me.' Hearing that, PARABLE said, 'People do not run away from you because you are old, I too am old. Very old. But the older I get, the better people like me. I will tell you a secret: Everyone likes things prettied up and disguised a bit. Let me lend you some splendid clothes like mine, and you will see that the very people who pushed you aside will invite you into their homes and be glad of your company.' TRUTH took PARABLE'S advice and put on the borrowed clothes. And from that time on, TRUTH and PARABLE have gone hand and hand together and everyone loves them. They make a beautiful pair" Beatrice Weinreich...Pantheon Books 1997

Sometimes people can look truth straight in the eyes and not want to accept it. Jesus was a master teacher. That also made him a master story teller. The parables that he taught were brief stories that were true to life. A point of commonality was made between two things that were not alike, for the purpose of teaching a spiritual truth. I found out in my years of teaching, that kids like stories. The secret was to apply the story to the lesson that you wanted to teach. Even though we might not be master teachers or even good story tellers, there are ways to dress up the truth so that it will be more easily accepted. The best way that I have found to dress up the truth of our beliefs is in our actions. As Christians, being in the truth business means being in the doing good deeds of service business. A sermon seen beats a sermon told all the time. Our meshing of TRUTH and PARABLE should be by the witness of our daily walk...

Have a great start to your week....A RAK would be a wonderful beginning....I hope to write again soon...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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