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Ways To Travel

Most of us probably remember the first time we traveled by plane, train or bus...In our world, transportation can be both of necessity and luxury. Today's quiz involves matching each person with that way that they traveled...Have fun...

___ 1. Elijah                                                                                (A) On foot

___ 2. Noah                                                                                (B) Wagons

___ 3. Paul's sailing companions                                                  (C) Ship

___ 4. Hiram's servants                                                               (D) Mule

___ 5. Abner                                                                              (E) Whirlwind

___ 6. Ahab                                                                               (F) Log floats

___ 7. Rebekah                                                                          (G) Horse

___ 8. Jacob                                                                              (H) Ferry

___ 9. Jesus                                                                               (I) Ark

___ 10. Solomon                                                                        (J) Colt

___ 11. Ben-hadad                                                                     (K) Chariot

___ 12. Zebedee                                                                        (L) Camel

___ 13. David                                                                            (M) On the planks of a ship

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting worship experience on HIS DAY....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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