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In 1961, Ernie K-Doe recorded a song that went to # 1 on the Billboard 100 and R & B charts. It was entitled, Mother-in-Law...It did not cast his in-law in a very favorable light, though I must admit that it was kind of funny. I was fortunate to marry into a wonderful family and my in-laws have been a blessing to me. Today's quiz, for better or for worse, is about in-laws. Your job is to match each in-law...Have fun....

___ 1. Eliam                                                     (A) Ruth

___ 2. Orpah                                                    (B) Naomi

___ 3. Annas                                                    (C) Rebekah

___ 4. Judah                                                     (D) Tamar

___ 5. Tobiah                                                   (E) Saul

___ 6. David                                                    (F) Shechaniah

___ 7. Joseph                                                  (G) Laban

___ 8. Ruth                                                      (H) Jethro

___ 9. Jacob                                                    (I) Potiphera

___10. Moses                                                  (J) David

___11. Sarah                                                   (K) Caiaphas

Have a great weekend...May your worship day be one of Joy Love mark Phil. 4:11

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