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Grumbles And Complaints

"I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes....untlil I met an man who had no feet" (Old Yiddish Proverb)

People will whine and complain about a lot of things. I am sure that I am referring to other people, because you and I assuredly never complain. In today's quiz, you need to match the complainer with the complaint. Have fun....

___.1. Saul                                                                       (A) Paul

___ 2. Rachel                                                                   (B) Offering

___ 3. Cain                                                                      (C) Neglect of widows

___ 4. Chaldeans                                                              (D) Pennies (wages)

___ 5. Grecian Christians                                                  (E) Ointment

___ 6. Scribes                                                                  (F) Gourd

___ 7. Laborers                                                               (G) Garlic

___ 8. Spies                                                                     (H) Jews and gold image

___ 9. High priest                                                             (I) Land

___10. Jonah                                                                   (J) David's success

___11. Israelites                                                              (K) Childlessness

Have a wonderful weekend and an edifying and uplifting day of worship....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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