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Getting Washed Up

"I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair"

Oscar and Hammerstein 1949

This was a song was sung by Nellie (Mary Martin) in the Broadway Musical, South Pacific. Legend has it that it was inserted at her request because she had never washed her hair on stage. The gist of the song is that Nellie is trying to forget about a man. In today's quiz, several people did some kind of washing. Match the person with the type of washing that they did...

___ 1. Elders (Deut)                                                           (A) washed their hands to show innocence

___ 2. Pharaoh's daughter                                                  (B) washed his hands to rid himself of guilt

___ 3. Peter                                                                       (C) said washing in "snow water" could not make him clean

___ 4. Jesus                                                                       (D) washed the disciples feet

___ 5. Jeremiah                                                                  (E) prayed; "Wash me and I will be whiter than snow"

___ 6. David                                                                      (F) washed in the pool of Siloam

___ 7. Job                                                                         (G) Found a baby when she came to wash in the river

___ 8. A blind man                                                            (H) washed Jeus' feet with ointment

___ 9. Pilate                                                                      (I) told Israelites they could be saved by washing their hearts from wickedness

___10. Mary                                                                     (J) wanted Jesus to wash his whole body

Have a great weekend and a wonderful worship on His day... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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