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Island, City, Mountain or River

"The earth is the Lord's and everything in it" (Ps. 24:1).

If you do much traveling, you probably enjoy the variety of landforms. For those of you that are non-local, Atlantic City is an island...Today's quiz is all about identifying different words as either islands, cities, mountains or rivers....Happy traveling...

___ 1. Patmos                                                          island, city, mountain, river

___ 2. Arba                                                             island, city, mountain, river

___ 3. Horeb                                                           island, city, mountain, river

___ 4. Clauda                                                          island, city, mountain, river

___ 5. Gilead                                                           island, city, mountain, river

___ 6. Hor                                                               island, city, mountain, river

___ 7. Ramah                                                          island, city, mountain, river

___ 8. Shushan                                                        island, city, mountain, river

___ 9. Melita                                                           island, city, mountain, river

___10. Ebal                                                             island, city, mountain, river

___11. Tyrus                                                           island, city, mountain, river

___12. Arimathaea                                                  island, city, mountain, river

___13. Abana                                                         island, city, mountain, river

Have a great start to your weekend and a joyous day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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