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People And Their Jobs

Many of you have probably had several jobs in your life. Before I became a teacher I worked at a lot of jobs, some of which were not too much fun..In today's quiz you are to match the person with what he or she did for a living when God came into their lives...Have fun...

___ 1. Esther                                                                      (A) Doctor

___ 2. Deborah                                                                  (B) Tax collector

___ 3. Baruch                                                                    (C) Tentmakers

___ 4. Luke                                                                       (D) Queen

___ 5. Zacchaeus                                                               (E) Scribe

___ 6. Priscilla and Aquila                                                  (F) Thresher

___ 7. Lydia                                                                      (G) Judge

___ 8. Elisha                                                                      (H) Shepherd

___ 9. Gideon                                                                    (I) Seller of purple

___10. Moses                                                                    (J) Farmer

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