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"You, however, are not controlled by the sinful nature, but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you" (Rom.8:9a)

Some years ago not too far from my home, people were allowed to fly remote controlled planes on a big athletic field. I was always amazed at how those plane responded to the person handling the remote control. I used to take my kids over to watch and they really enjoyed it too. Not too long after this while I was running through the nearby woods, I found one of these planes. It was homemade and intact. For some reason the pilot was no longer able to control the plane and I probably found it where it had run out of fuel. In the section of Romans eight where I got today's verse, the apostle Paul makes a very simple case. There are two possibilities regarding what will control our lives....The flesh or the Spirit! When we allow Jesus into our lives, the Spirit comes along too, offering to help us in controlling our lives. Self-obsession leads us to think that we are in control. We may become like that plane I found if we allow ourselves to fly out of range of His control. "And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ" (V9b). We want to stay within range at all times and can do this by submission and obedience to His will. "But if Christ is in you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness" (V10). I can do all the giant loops, the rollovers and dives. Along with that, I won't be found somewhere lost in the woods, but will come in for a safe landing just where I am supposed to land...With the Spirit in control and living in me, I am alive in Christ...We get a great flight and a smooth landing....

Have a wonderful day...With the Lord in control, we can make a difference... Love mark Phil.4:11

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