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God Being God

"I will call them my people who are not my people; I will call her 'My loved one' who is not my loved one" (Rom.9:25).

The apostle Paul here in the book of Romans quotes a passage from the prophet Hosea. In the original passage from Hosea 2:23, God is talking about the restoration of Israel. Paul uses the verse to take on a whole new meaning about God. He takes this Old Testament verse and gives it new life and meaning. He says that God is a gracious, saving, forgiving and restoring God. God delights to take those "who are not my people" and making them His. This is so awesome! God is shown here as a wonderful and benevolent sovereign. He is free to do His will and yet He has chosen to make some great promises to those who believe in Him. He is free to impose His will on anyone He chooses yet He allows us the choice either accept or reject Him. God being God is so different than people being people. As people, we are often threatened by rejection. God wants us to come to Him, but is not threatened by our rejection. But rather He gives us chance after chance to take Him into our lives. He sent Jesus to us to try to clinch the deal. Even though Jesus did many miraculous things, many still rejected Him, as many do today. Jesus wasn't threatened by this either, but continues to offer us chance after chance to come into His fold. In the movie Rudy, Sean Astin asks the priest Father Cavenaugh if maybe he has not prayed hard enough about getting into Notre Dame. Father Cavanaugh says this: "Son, in my 35 years of religious study I have come up with two hard incontrovertible facts....There is a God, and I'm not Him." Perhaps just a bit oversimplified, but the point is well taken. God is our soveriegn...Quite simply, He is God and we are not Him. He gives us a great choice....We can either build on Him, or stumble over Him. "I will call her 'My loved one' who is not my loved one."

Have a wonderful day...With God, we can make a difference... Love mark Phil.4:11

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