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Follow The Leader

"But now your kingdom will not endure; the Lord has sought out a man after His own heart and appointed him leader of his people" (1Sam.13:14).

Are you old enough to remember playing follow the leader on the playground when you were a child/ A leader was chosen and all the players followed him, mimicking everything he did. Anyone who failed to do what the leader did was out of the game which went on until only two were left. Today's quiz is about causes that necessitated leaders....You are to match the cause with the leader....Have fun...

___ 1. The great flood                                                                                (A) Pharaoh

___ 2. 300-man battle with the Midianites                                                   (B) Nehemiah

___ 3. Conspiracy against his father David                                                  (C) Paul

___ 4. Conquest of Jericho                                                                         (D) Joshua

___ 5. Construction of the Temple                                                              (E) Gideon

___ 6. Slaughter of Hebrew children                                                           (F) Moses

___ 7. First missionary journey                                                                   (G) Jonah

___ 8. Exodus                                                                                           (H) Solomon

___ 9. Construction of golden calf                                                              (I) Noah

___10. Rebuilt Jerusalem walls                                                                   (J) Absalom

___11. Revival of Ninevah                                                                         (K) Aaron

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and an uplifting worship experience on His day Love mark Phil.4:11

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