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A Visit To The Library

I have vivid memories of getting a library card for the first time. The library was a small building in view of our school on Vine Street and was a wonder of things. I could find books on just about anything imaginable, and I found biographies of famous people particularly interesting. Go figure that my interest shifted to sports a little later on. Many of the questions on Jeopardy come from those early readings. The Bible is a library unto itself. When we open it to the table of contents we find that it is divided into two major parts called the Old Testament and the New Testament. There are 39 different "books" in the first part of the library. They were written by godly men between the years 1500 to 400 BC. There is even a card catalogue of sorts if we delineate a bit. The first five books in this library are about the beginnings of the earth and God's first laws for man. It traces the Jewish race and the Law given to Moses by God is recorded. For you history lovers there are twelve books of detailed Jewish history from Moses all the way up to 400 BC. For poetry lovers there is a five book poetry section with wonderfully written poetic literature. Finally, in this section of our library are seventeen books of the prophets. These were people that God spoke to and they recorded the messages and wrote them down for the people.

The New Testament part of our library contains 27 "books." It covers a time range from about 3 AD to about 95. The first five of the books, called the gospels, are about Jesus. They cover the time from His birth to His death and resurrection. So in this section of our library there are four biographies of Jesus and then one book about the early history of Christianity. For you people who like to read letters, there are seventeen of them. Thirteen are written by the apostle Paul. They were written both to individuals and to churches, instructing them on how to live a good Christian life. Finally, for those of you who like some symbolic writing there is the final book of prophesy, Revelation. To visit our library, no card is needed. We don't have to move out of the confines of our homes to get a really good "read." We ought to visit our library every chance we get...We'll learn a lot.....

Have a wonderful day..... Read and meditate in your library... Love mark Phil.4:11

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