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It's Father's Day

"Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, 'Abba, Father'" (Gal.4:6).

The word "Abba" is used several times in our New Testaments. It is a different word from Father and expresses a closer relationship. It expresses a relationship that may be thought of as dad or daddy. Our wonderful God is not only our Father in heaven but wants to be our Abba too....Our dad...Today's quiz is about some fathers in the Bible. You are to match the father with the proper statement...have fun....

___ 1. First father on earth                                                                  (A) Abraham

___ 2. Son was the first king of Israel                                                  (B) Zechariah

___ 3. Fled to Egypt with his family                                                     (C) Kish

___ 4. Son baptized Jesus                                                                   (D) Jacob

___ 5. Father of twelve tribes                                                              (E) David

___ 6. Jesus raised his daughter                                                           (F) Enoch

___ 7. Tragically lost all his children                                                     (G) Isaac

___ 8. Betrayed by his son                                                                  (H) Jairus

___ 9. Blessed the wrong son                                                              (I) Adam

___10. Father who walked with God                                                   (J) Joseph

___11. Told to sacrifice his son                                                            (K) Job

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