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We have all been called upon to make some sacrifices in our lives. In Biblical times, especially Old Testament, God commanded that sacrifice be offered on certain occasions.. In today's quiz you are to match the sacrifice with who offered it....Have fun...

___ 1. Samuel                                                        (A) Offered sacrifice for safe return of the ark of the covenant

___ 2. Jacob                                                          (B) Went to offer his son for a sacrifice

___ 3. Christians                                                    (C) Offered sacrifice for safety of his family after the flood

___ 4. Jesus                                                           (D) Offered sacrifice before leaving his father-in-law

___ 5. King David                                                  (E) Offered sacrifices daily as God instructed

___ 6. Solomon                                                      (F) Offered the first of his flock

___ 7. Aaron                                                          (G) Offered his life as a sacrifice

___ 8. Abraham                                                     (H) Offered sacrifice before anointing David as king

___ 9. Noah                                                           (I) Offered sacrifices in the temple

___10. Abel                                                           (J) Offer bodies as living sacrifices to God

Have a great weekend and an edifying and uplifting worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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