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About Credibility

"The one who calls you is faithful" (1 Thess.5:24).

When my kids were young, they liked for me to throw them into the air and catch them. They had no fear because they had complete trust that I would not allow them to fall. I really had an amazing amount of credibility as far as they were concerned. The world is quite jaded when it comes to credibility. Some of our elected officials, perhaps feeling empowered by their elevated station, make terrible personal decisions in their lives. If that is not bad enough, they then lie or try to cover them up. The events of 9/11 ramped up the credibility factor and some of our basic liberties have suffered because we don't know who we can trust. It is certainly wonderful to have a circle of friends that we trust, but will we let them "throw us up into the air"? Is there anyone who doesn't forget, fail or cover-up? The Bible says that God has credibility....It claims that we can trust God! So.....What is this thing that we call credibility based upon? After we clear away all of the things that might confuse us, I think that credibility is based upon faithfulness. Just like with my kids, we can know that God will not let us fall. His reputation is impeccable. A great passage of scripture that would be great for us to read and meditate upon today is found in Psalms 104:1-5. God kept His promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Solomon and we can be confident that He will keep His promises to us also.... "God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie......that we might be greatly encouraged" (Heb.6:18). Our God is indeed the wellspring of all truth. His character is so strong that behind each of His promises is His name. God NEVER steps out of character and always acts in complete harmony with His nature. Our God is love....Our God is truth.....Our God is power..In that we have God who has this undeniable credibility, what should we do to show our trust in Him and what are the outcomes. This will be tomorrow's devotional topic....

Have a wonderful day...Go about doing good.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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