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The Line In The Sand

"Idolatry is worshiping anything that ought to be used and using anything that ought to be worshiped" (Augustine).

"You shall not make for yourself an idol" (Ex.20:4).

Have you ever used the term, "drawing a line in the sand?" I believe it to mean that we have a boundary about certain things in our lives that we do not cross. They are rules that are not elastic, but rather rigid and to be obeyed at all times. If I give you some time, you can probably think of some "lines in the sand" in your life. With the Ten Commandments God has drawn a line in the sand about His relationship with the children of Israel. When I asked you to think of some lines in the sand that you have, I would hope that they all deal with morality. With the giving of the Ten Commandments God has drawn a line between right and wrong. They are not a suggestion box of ideas about better living, but rather a set of rules that are not to be broken. Though they were written to a specific group of people, they are actually personal....They are to you, me and everyone! They are strong and direct, using the strongest form of Hebrew to get the points across. They are practical in nature, as they deal with our relationships with God and man. They are grounded in love, since love and obedience go hand in hand. Lastly, although we might discuss them and their merits, they are not open to review. We don't get to pick and choose which ones we are to obey as each of them are lines in the sand. When we take a look at today's verse about idolatry, God is very clear! It is easy to perceive people carving out wooden images and worshiping them. We look at that and easily see where people can really go off the deep end. But idol worship goes much deeper. Idolatry is abhorrent to God because it replaces Him with something else of lesser value. It's not so hard to understand after all as the things that takes God's place can become our wooden images...It is our character and integrity at stake here...Who we worship determines who we are....Our line in the sand must be drawn...

Have a wonderful day....Let your light shine for Him..... Love mark Phil.4:11

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