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"Go in peace, your journey has the Lord's approval" (Judges 18:6).

Jane and I have been to NYC, Maine and Salt Lake City in the past two months. This travel was for pleasure, but some people in the Bible were required to go to another place. Your quiz this morning has you matching the person(s) with the place they were to go. Have fun...

___ 1. Philip                                                                     (A) Ninevah

___ 2. Jonah                                                                     (B) Keilah

___ 3. Elijah                                                                     (C) the potter's house

___ 4. Abraham                                                               (D) Zarepath

___ 5. Disciples                                                                (E) Moriah

___ 6. Samuel                                                                   (F) Promised Land

___ 7. Jeremiah                                                                (G) Mount Sinai

___ 8. David                                                                     (H) Gaza

___ 9. Jacob                                                                     (I) Bethlehem

___10. Joshua and Caleb                                                  (J) Bethel

___11. Moses                                                                  (K) all nations

I hope that you have a great weekend and that your worship to the Lord on His day is both glorifying and uplifting.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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