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Faith - Use It Or Lose It

"Teacher, don't you care if we drown?" (Mk.4:38).

In our Wednesday night Bible class here at Northfield, we are doing a study called the miracles of Jesus. Last week we talked about the miracle from which today's verse is taken, Jesus calms the storm...There was so much good stuff in this study that I just knew I needed to do a devotional or two on it. If this miracle made today's newspapers, the headline might read, "Carpenter Saves Experienced Sailors at Sea." I just love the irony here! Here were a group of fishermen who fished in this very sea who were in a situation that seemed to be out of their control. As good of a sailor that one might be, storms, especially at night can be scary. But lets remember this....Aboard was Jesus, the Son of God...They had just recently seen him do some very special things (miracles) Maybe they were scared because he was asleep. The experienced sailors panicked as their fear overcame their faith. Jesus was able to sleep because of the complete faith and trust that He had in His Father who was in charge. These men, experienced at sea as they were, were trusting in their own abilities as sailors instead of the one who created the sea. What real good is one's faith if he loses it instead of using it? Jesus' disciples allowed their faith to be blown away by the wind. If we cannot latch on to our faith when we need it the most, how strong can it be and of what value? Just as Jesus asked His disciples, "where is your faith," lets hope He doesn't ask us the same thing.. More tomorrow....

Have a wonderful day...Lets all go about doing good... Love mark Phil.4:11

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