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Love Those Sweets

"They are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb" (Ps.19:10).

I admit to a love for sweet foods..Chocolate and ice cream for sure...Today's quiz is about sweet things...You are to match each person or thing with the sweet thing...Have fun...

___ 1. mountain                                                          (A) sweet psalmist

___ 2. Jeremiah                                                          (B) sweet influences

___ 3. Jesus                                                               (C) sweet savour

___ 4. Isaiah                                                               (D) sweet wine

___ 5. "My Beloved"                                                  (E) sweet melody

___ 6. The preacher                                                   (F) sweet light

___ 7. Pleiades                                                          (G) sweet spices

___ 8. Nehemiah                                                       (H) sweet waters

___ 9. David                                                              (I) sweet drinks

___10. Moses                                                           (J) sweet fruit

___11. The Lord                                                      (K) sweet cane and sacrifices

Have a great weekend...I hope your worship on the Lord's day is both glorifying and uplifting.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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