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A To Zinc

"Never be lacking in ZEAL" (Rom.12:11).

Today's quiz is not about zeal, but rather names in the Bible that begin with the letter Z..I was just getting you used to seeing Zs...Match the person's name with the correct identification...Have fun...

___ 1. Zibeon                                                         (A) a short rich tax collector (publican)

___ 2. Zophar                                                        (B) a king of Judah

___ 3. Zur                                                              (C) Leah's maid

___ 4. Zipporah                                                     (D) the scribe treasure

___ 5. Zedekiah                                                     (E) prince of Midian

___ 6. Zilpah                                                          (F) a fisherman..James and Peter's dad

___ 7. Ziba                                                            (G) porter of the door of the tabernacle

___ 8. Zebedee                                                      (H) a duke of Edom

___ 9. Zadok                                                         (I) a daughter of Jethro

___10 Zachariah                                                    (J) the Naamathite..a friend of Job

___11. Zacchaeus                                                  (K) father of 15 sons

Have a great weekend and an uplifting day of worship on His day......Love mark Phil.4:11

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