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The Unusual

You can probably remember some weird things that have happened in your life. There are many unusual things that we have read about in our Bibles. In today's quiz I am asking you to match the person(s) with the unusual occurrence they are associated with....Have fun....

___ 1. Gideon                                                     (A) Floating axe head

___ 2. Hezekiah                                                  (B) Sun standing still

___ 3. Naaman                                                   (C) Fighting angel

___ 4. Israelites                                                   (D) Blinding light

___ 5. Elisha                                                       (E) Dipping in the river

___ 6. Balaam                                                     (F) Reversing the sundial

___ 7. Joshua                                                      (G) Burning bush

___ 8. Stephen                                                    (H) Talking donkey

___ 9. Jacob                                                        (I) Wet and dry fleece

___10. Paul                                                         (J) Parting river

___11. Moses                                                      (K) Stoning mob

Have a wonderful weekend...I hope your worship to the Lord on His day is both glorifying and uplifting.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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