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Establishing Loyality

Loyal; true and faithful to love, promise, duty or other obligations.....Loyalty; faithfulness...

We find loyalty to people and things in many phases of life. Do you remember having pep rallies at school? They were all about reminding us of our loyalty to our school. I am sure that many of you can think of people or things that you have been loyal to. In wedding ceremonies, vows are exchanged. Those vows are made to establish a bond of loyalty between two people. A marriage does not work without this loyalty. At all costs, loyalty to Christ is critical. Jesus is the only way to the Father and without complete loyalty to Him we can't get there. It is this loyalty that maintains the relationship. Jesus has promised His complete loyalty to us and established it through His death.....Loyalty; faithfulness. In the eleventh chapter of Second Corinthians, the apostle Paul sees a possible breach in their loyalty as a result of false apostles creeping into their church. They are in danger of being separated from their first love, upon which their loyalty is founded. If loyalty is faithfulness, then any compromise is considered to be faithlessness. An individual or even a church is in danger of this faithlessness when, for whatever reason, there is a breach of loyalty. Our loyalty to Him cannot be put on hold..He is the one who has the words of life. Elisha Hoffman wrote the words to the song, To Christ Be True in 1900. Here are some of the words: To Christ be loyal and be true; in noble service prove your faith and your fidelity, the fervor of your love..."To Christ the Lord be true; For He will go with you, and help you all your conflicts thru; To Christ the Lord be true"

Have a great day...Let His light shine through you.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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