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Getting Tested

"This is a test of the of the American Broadcasting System (EBS)...It is only a test. If it were real, you would have been notified through this station."

We have all seen that come on with the appropriate beeping...A few nights ago, it was accompanied here in NJ by a child abduction...Certain types of tests are essential in our lives. In the Bible, the character or faith of people are tested by certain circumstances. You are to match the person being tested with circumstance...Have fun...

___ 1. Achan                                                    (A) questions by the Queen of Sheba

___ 2. Noah                                                     (B) an ark

___ 3. Joseph                                                   (C) bread

___ 4. Ananias                                                  (D) son

___ 5. Judah                                                     (E) possessions, family and body

___ 6. Samson                                                  (F) Potiphar's wife

___ 7. Israelites                                                 (G) money

___ 8. Solomon                                                 (H) spoils of war

___ 9. Abraham                                                 (I) brother

___10. Jesus                                                      (J) tithe

___11. Job                                                        (K) a woman

Have a wonderful weekend and a fulfilling day of worship on his day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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