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"I tell you, not seven, but seventy times seven" (Matt18:22).

We all recognize today's verse as Jesus' response to Peter's question about forgiving. Jesus could just as easily said 449, but there's just something about that number seven, which in biblical terms means complete. In today's quiz, you will match each statement about seven with the right person. Have fun....

___ 1. Became king at age seven                                                                                                       (A) Jacob

___ 2. Woman said here daughter-in-law was better than seven sons                                                  (B) Jehoash

___ 3. Was condemned by seven princes                                                                                           (C) Vashti

___ 4. Built temple in seven years                                                                                                       (D) Nebuchadnezzer

___ 5. Dreamed of seven lean and fat cows                                                                                        (E) Ibzan

___ 6. Possessed seven demons                                                                                                        (F) Pharaoh

___ 7. Ate grass seven times                                                                                                             (G) Samson

___ 8. Judged Israel for seven years                                                                                                  (H) Mary Magdalene

___ 9. Worked seven years for a wife                                                                                               (I) Naomi

___10. Had seven locks of hair                                                                                                         (J) Solomon

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting worship experience on His day Love mark Phil.4:11

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