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God Loves NUTS

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Matt.5:3).

Have you ever been to a circus and watched the clowns? They will go to literally any end to make you laugh. They already look ridiculous, and they will act that way to try to make people smile. We look at them and may see a vulnerability of sorts. I believe that God wants us to exhibit that same vulnerability. With it, He looks for brokeness and humility. There is no room for pretence in God's world. There is nothing about humanity that God is afraid of...He is alive and living with those who are alive with Him...You may be wondering about the unusual title of this message. I am using NUTS as an acronym... Never Underestimate The Spirit....With the Spirit present, we are able to better understand ourselves. We can laugh and cry at our humanity and yet realize that our failures and idiosyncrasies are not the last word about life. God can take us with all of our vulnerabilities and build us into powerful vessels for His work. We should not try to get people to view us as Super Christians, but rather as people with faults just like them. We are all works in progress and need the Holy Spirit to guide us down the right paths. We should Never Underestimate The Spirit...Have you looked at a big old oak tree lately? Even NUTS can grow, and God loves them...

Have a great day... Go out and make a difference... Love mark Phil.4:11

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