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Rah - Rah - RAH

"But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world" (Jn.16:33).

We have come to the last of Jesus' three cheers. The first involved being of good cheer because we have a new life that is complete with forgiveness. The second cheer was one that told us that we need not be afraid as long as He is with us. We will have the courage to face life's problems. Today we come to Jesus' third cheer. He is letting His disciples and us know that He has overcome the world. Jesus tells us that a transformation has been made and the world couldn't touch Him...He is not at the mercy of the world. Jesus has opened up a brand new life-gate for us. We can believe all of those things that He promised us in The Sermon On The Mount. When we seek Him first, all of our needs will be provided. There is no longer a need to be anxious because the Father knows all of our needs. But with Jesus' last cheer, He puts into place the final piece of the puzzle. He knows all of our needs and frees us from the guilt of sin by grace and forgiveness. He uses the storms in our lives to see Him and not be afraid. Lastly, He says; "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." Because of this, our future has promise. The promise is not restricted to His unwavering help in this world, but to our real future...We should be of good cheer because we will get to live with Him forever...What better way to end this than by saying...... Be of good cheer...

Have a wonderful day... Make a difference... Love mark Phil.4:11

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