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In Twos

"Then Joshua son of Nun secretly sent out two spies from Shittim" (Josh.2:1)

I had a good teacher friend who had a sense of humor much like mine. (a scary thought) Often one of us would make a witty remark and the two of us were the only ones who got it...In today's quiz, the two people in the right column were alike on one thing. Match the two with how they were alike. Have fun...

___ 1. Gave good reports of the promised land                                                  (A) Herod and Pilate

___ 2. Were let down over a wall                                                                      (B) Peter and Andrew

___ 3. Became friends at Jesus' trial                                                                  (C) Moses and Elijah

___ 4. Were Lazarus' relatives                                                                          (D) Ahab and Jezebel

___ 5. Were the first two disciples                                                                    (E) Benaiah and Samson

___ 6. Appeared at the transfiguration                                                              (F) Ahaziah and Eutychus

___ 7. Fell from a window                                                                               (G) Joshua and Caleb

___ 8. Slew a lion                                                                                            (H) Jesus and Peter

___ 9. Dogs licked their blood                                                                         (I) Mary and Martha

___10. Walked on water                                                                                 (J) David and Paul

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day....Love mark Phil.4:11

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