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Dream On

We have all had numerous dreams, both bad and good...In today's quiz, you are to match the person with the object of their dream. Have fun...

___ 1. Eliphaz                                                                        (A) Wind and beasts

___ 2. Joseph (Jesus' father)                                                  (B) Vine and branches

___ 3. Midianite man                                                             (C) Birth of God's Son

___ 4. Solomon                                                                     (D) The Lord

___ 5. Daniel                                                                         (E) A spirit

___ 6. Nebuchadnezzar                                                         (F) Kine (cows)

___ 7. Pharaoh                                                                     (G) Sheaves

___ 8. Chief baker                                                                (H) Rams

___ 9. Chief butler                                                                (I) Cake of barley

___10.Joseph                                                                       (J) A bright image

___11.Jacob                                                                        (K) Birds and baskets

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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