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True Love Ways

"Just you know why, Why you and I, will by and by know true love ways
Sometimes we'll sigh, sometimes we'll cry, and we'll know why, just you and I know true love ways.
Throughout the days, our true love ways, will bring us joys to share with those who really care.
Sometimes we'll sigh, sometimes we'll cry, and we'll know why, just you and I know true love ways.

Buddy Holly and Norman Petty 1958

Buddy Holly wrote the lyrics for True Love Ways just 4 months before the fatal plane crash that took his life. It was written for his wife and released posthumously. In order for us to be the kind of people that the Lord wants us to be, we must embrace True Love Ways. When asked which was the greatest of all the commands, Jesus' answer was unequivocal. "Love the Lord your God with all your soul with all your mind with all your strength" He quicky added an important number two; "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt.12:30-31).

The greatest command of the is law reflected and reinforced in the gospel. Jesus also commanded us "to love one another as God loved us" (Jn.13:34). So we have the love reserved for God and that wonderful brotherly and affectionate love that we are to demonstrate toward others. These really are true love ways...We are to love our families with a special kind of love also. For our husbands and wives this love ought to be one in which we cherish, befriend, and feel warmth and fondness. Lastly there are those pesky enemies. "Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt.5:44). We are to do this with an active good will that does not delineate between friend and foe. Jesus is clear about this when he says that we are no different than anyone else if we only love those who love us. As followers of Jesus, there can be no doubt that we are to be a loving people... We must know True Love Ways....

Have a great day...Christians ought to make a difference.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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