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The Joy Of Fellowship

"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints" (Phm.7).

I am one who finds great joy in witnessing good fellowship. There is the possibility of so much good happening when Christians come together. As the apostle Paul writes to Philemon in today's verse, he gives him an ultimate compliment. It is one that we can take to heart and strive toward. If we look at the verse, Paul is saying that to Philemon that your love has given me great joy. There's more however..."because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of saints." If I read this correctly, when Philemon is around people they are refreshed through the bringing of joy and encouragement. I can be the most upbeat person in the world, but if I don't share my joy in fellowship with others, it is such a waste. The writer of the Book of Hebrews puts it this way: "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together...." (10:24-25). Spurring each other on toward love and good deeds brings joy to the doer, receiver, and the witnesses. We have hit the trifecta through the joy found in fellowship. We should always make sure that we let people know that they bring us joy when we are with them. "I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit with you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy might be complete" (2 Jn.12). Notes, calls, and emails are good, but there is no substitute for the press of the flesh. Lets strive to be the type of people who want to bring joy into the lives of others. The joy of fellowship....

Have a great day....Let His light shine through you.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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