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Proverbially Speaking

Today's quiz comes from the Book of Proverbs...I will begin a Proverb and it is your job to match it with its ending...I hope you all have fun....

___ 1. A word fitly spoken is like....                                                                 (A) a well of life

___ 2. Bread of deceit is...                                                                               (B) of great understanding

___ 3. The name of the Lord is...                                                                      (C) like a city that is broken down without walls

___ 4. The highway of the upright is to...                                                           (D) sweet to a man

___ 5. In the fear of the Lord is...                                                                      (E) the beginning of knowledge

___ 6. He that is slow to wrath is...                                                                    (F) depart from evil

___ 7. The law of the wise is...                                                                          (G) as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day

___ 8. The mouth of a righteous man is...                                                           (H) a fountain of life

___ 9. But the path of the just is...                                                                      (I) apples of gold in pictures of silver

___10.He that hath no rule over his own spirit...                                                  (J) a strong tower

___11.The fear of the Lord is...                                                                          (K) strong confidence

Have a wonderful weekend and a glorifying day of worship on His day...To all of you Mothers out there....A Most HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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