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Some Titles

We have given titles to some biblical characters based upon some facts about them in the Bible...You are to match the title with the people...

___ 1. Man Who Walked With God                                                  (A) Hosea

___ 2. The Lamb of God                                                                   (B) Solomon

___ 3. The Weeping Prophet                                                             (C) Judas

___ 4. The Betrayer                                                                           (D) Eve

___ 5. The Beloved Disciple                                                              (E) Jesus

___ 6. The Doubter                                                                           (F) John

___ 7. Prophet of Love                                                                     (G) Abram (Abraham)

___ 8. Father of Many Nations                                                          (H) Lucifer

___ 9. The Wise King                                                                        (I) Jeremiah

___10.The Mother of All Living                                                         (J) Enoch

___11.The Fallen Angel                                                                     (K) Thomas

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting day of worship on His day..... Love mark Phil.4:11

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