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Smart Choices

"For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding" (Prov.2:6).

Lets see....Which tee shirt should I wear today? We're almost out of dryer sheets....Which brand should we buy? Hmmmmmm. Each day we are faced with multiplicity of choices. The first two that I listed were pretty tame and mundane, and I doubt that there will be any major repercussions involved in which I choose. There may be a choice waiting ahead, however, that really is important. In 2 Samuel 11, David made an unwise choice to commit adultery with Bathsheba. The ripple effect from that choice was overwhelming....It resulted in the death of her husband and of David's infant son. As it rippled outward, a daughter was molested by her half-brother and that son was killed by her vengeful brother. David suffered even more grief when that son led an open rebellion against him and was killed. The Bible gives us very sound advice for making wise decisions about things that are important. Today's verse tells us that ultimate wisdom is derived from God and our prayers should overflow with requests for that wisdom so that we will make smart choices. "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel" (Prov.12:15). There is biblical precedent for asking older and more mature Christians for advice. It may not always be exactly on target, but it may put our choice in a better perspective. Finally, and most importantly, we must involve God in our important decision making. "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this:He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun" (Psa.37:5-6). He doesn't need to know about the tee shirts or dryer sheets, but those choices that greatly affect our lives should be committed to Him....

Have a great start to your week.....Begin it with a RAK or two.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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