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A Faith That Loves God And Hates Sin

"For Isaiah says, 'Lord, who has believed our message?' Consequently, faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ" (Rom.10:16-17).

Verse seventeen of Romans chapter ten is a landmark one about faith. I have heard it used many, many times regarding the source of one's faith. Through the evidence presented to us through the Word of God, we have developed a powerful faith in Jesus as the Son of God. Fulfilled messianic prophesies from the Old Testament bolster this faith in Him. They have the power to convince a rational, informed, and objective person about Jesus' existence and mission on earth. Many reliable witnesses gave concrete testimony about His resurrection and that makes our faith even stronger and firmer. Our faith serves us in numerous ways. One of those ways is to reinforce our hate of sin. Our faith should constrain us to hate sin because it separated us from God and it cost the life of His Son Jesus. The writer of the Book of Hebrews says that unrepentant sin "crucifies the Son of God all over again" (6:4-6). This faith which hates sin is the same one that loves God. It loves Him past, (what He has done) present, (what He is doing now) and future, (what He will do)....This faith which loves God and hates sin will impress on us the importance of doing whatever God wants us to do. An integral part of this faith is the removal of the guilt of sin that can weigh us down and decrease our service. We have many blessings at our disposal to help us utilize our faith. The gift of the Holy Spirit, the remission of sins, and the promise of eternal life to mention a few. We should desire that faith which the gospel both gives and requires. A faith that loves God and hates sin....

Have a wonderful start to your week....Begin it with a RAK or two.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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