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Oh That Family Tree

"God sets the lonely in families........" (Psa.68:6).

Maybe you are one of those people that has done a genealogy chart to trace your family ancestry. In today's quiz, you are to match the child on the left with the correct parent and grandparent. Have fun....

_____ 1. Esau                                                          (A) Jesse                                    (aa) Obed

_____ 2. Isaac                                                         (B) Rachel                                   (bb) Isaac

_____ 3. Abinadab                                                  (C) Jochebed                               (cc) Jesse

_____ 4. Saul                                                          (D) Saul                                       (dd) Jeroham

_____ 5. Solomon                                                   (E) Elkanah                                  (ee) Terah

_____ 6. Samuel                                                      (F) Kish                                       (ff) Sarah

_____ 7. David                                                       (G) Isaac                                      (gg) Kish

_____ 8. Moses                                                      (H) Eunice                                    (hh) Lois

_____ 9. Joseph                                                      (I) David                                      (ii) Levi

_____10.Timothy                                                    (J) Abram                                    (jj) Abiel

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day..... Love mark Phil.4:11

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